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Is CTDPromoCodes.com Any Good to Get Cheaper Than Dirt Discount Codes

Since the entire problem regarding Cheaper Than Dirt in 2012 when the site suspended sales, grabbing discount codes from this brand has become harder and harder. A short while ago I`ve discovered a website that deals exclusively with CheaperThanDirt discount code. However, I`m not very sure if this website is good enough for what I want or not. The matter is still open to debate.

About Cheaper Than Dirt and its Discount Codes

For that specific category of people that still isn`t familiarized with CTD, this brand used to be the U.S. Nr. 1 company in terms of selling camping and hunting gear, guns, ammo or military supply. Back in 2012, the site suspended its sales when certain internal problems started to occur, but shortly after that CTD resumed sales.

The discount codes released by Cheaper Than Dirt have always been something to remember for most gun lovers. This was mainly because CTD always had knowledge about what its users wanted or how to market its offers. Not even the whole issue back in 2012 managed to be an inconvenient regarding its promotional codes.

CTDPromoCodes.com – Will this Site Still Be Live Next Year?

From the information I could find online by now, http://ctdpromocodes.com is a small blog created most likely by someone who is into firearms and which deals mostly with information about Cheaper Than Dirt. The site is kind of new as it was only released in 2014, but it seems like the blog managed to become rather popular in a short period of time.


The Benefits this Website Offers

Quality Tips – The “Tips” category that you`ll most definitely want to visit. At the moment, this category only offers info on how to use CTD coupon codes and information about other similar sites that deal with this type of codes. In the near future, I suspect the category will include a lot more useful information such as how to avoid CTD code fraud, which are the best Cheaper Than Dirt online codes or which are the online resources that offer the best deals in terms of online codes. If you don`t only want to find a real code to use, but rather more related information, than this category is a good fit.

E-mail Subscription – On the site`s right sidebar, the average user will be able to find a section where they are able to include their e-mail address to get promotion codes straight to their Inbox. This is an awesome feature if you think about it for a moment. You`ll be able to save a lot of time by avoiding to navigate the online environment in the attempt to find these codes on your own. You`ll be able to receive them without any effort from your part, and best of it, you`ll probably be among the first users to get them anyway.

Plenty of Related Info – Perhaps the best benefit from them all is that the website manages to cover plenty of section where its content is regarded. The users that will visit http://ctdpromocodes.com will most likely be able to find not only genuine discount codes released by CTD, but also quality info that relates with these online codes.

Disadvantages – From My Point of View

As with every other think in life, this site isn`t perfect from my point of view. The good thing probably is that I couldn`t find too many flaws, so that`s good I think.

More Codes Would Have Been Better – Don`t get me wrong. If I want real codes, I know where to get them – I have my first sources bookmarked since long ago. But where this site is concerned, as long as its main topic is CTD discount codes, more genuine codes would have been better I think. Besides a few that compile a list on the home page, too many codes won`t be found on this website.

Monthly Updates (Not Weekly) – You won`t find updates that often posted on CTDPromoCodes.com. The last time I`ve checked the site, there wasn`t an article posted since almost a month. But because I couldn`t find more sites like this one, covering online codes from Cheaper Than Dirt, than I think it`s quite fine.

Unfriendly Design – I took a look at the blog`s design and I could immediately acknowledge that there wasn`t a team of professionals behind its creation. The design looks kind of unprofessional for my taste, nice but kind-of-amateur if you ask me. This is where I could extract the idea of someone who is into guns and codes from CTD being behind this site.

You`ll Need to Make Up your Own Mind

I think I`ve covered all the main ideas in this article. Like I have already said, this topic is still open to debate, but I think I`ve outlined all the important aspects regarding CTDPromocodes.com. Whether or not the site deserves more attention from your point – you`ll be the judge of that.

It Was A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day. A big day… for me. A lot to process you could say.

Shall we dive right into it then?

First off…. Happy {Belated} Veteran’s Day!

Thank you to my hubby for choosing to protect not only me and our family, but all the families of this country. Thank you for answering the call to stand up and defend, to follow his heart {that so deeply believes in what he does}, and just being the amazing submariner that he is.

To every other service member, current and former, thank you so much for your service. You honor this country with your choice to serve, and I am so deeply grateful for all you do.

2nd… Yesterday was my 3rd blogging anniversary. {three years??? crazy!!!} I can hardly believe it’s been 3 years! I started to blog in the wee morning hours, not knowing where it would take me. First I`ve blogged for others, now I have my own blog. I’m so glad I took the plunge!

I think my goal this year is to just blog more consistently. More for me. More for the love of writing.

Also, thank you to every one who reads my blog! I love and adore and appreciate each and every one of you! {Would love to see you comment on this post. Just say Hi! I really want to get to know you more!}

Then most importantly….

It was my Daughter’s Birthday. She turned 7 years old yesterday.

I remembered my labor with Her. I remember pushing and the moments of Her birth.

I remember being stunned at the perfection of Her.

Her birthday is always bitter sweet for me but this year was more on the sweet side.

A good friend I chatted yesterday and she told me she didn’t know how I dealt with this all these years. I get that alot actually. So I told her…

It’s kind of something that gets tucked away in your back pocket

Always there, easy to pull out, sometimes harder to put away

Sometimes it’s something soft and comforting and other times like I might have just sat on a bunch of needles

It’s complicated to say the least.


I’m going to make a cake this weekend – to celebrate!

If you wouldn’t mind, if you feel it in your heart to do it, would you say a prayer for Her? And her Parents?

Would you send love, joy, and happy thoughts her way?

Clean, Organize, Simplify

When I was about halfway through my pregnancy with Liam an extra motherhood gene or something kicked in. The want and need to be organized. At the time I had chalked it up to nesting and went with it.

Now 7 months later I still have that want and need to be organized. Even more so I want to organize, simplify, and clean! [it’s grown!] I did start when I was pregnant but never was able to catch up on my to-do list. Now with a 4 month old and almost 3 year old I’ve been struggling. Really struggling. {Bless my husband and his patience!}

I’ve been personally grappling a bit as well and the idea of a clean, organized, simplified house seems cleansing for my Spirit.

So I’ve made a list. A list of all the areas in my house that need love, attention, or that just driving me up a wall! I’ll do the list one by one when I have time and help. Then after I’ve conquered each item I’ll assign that task to a specific day each week for clean up and touch ups. Things won’t change quickly, since I’ve been having a really hard time multi-tasking lately, but I feel good know I have a plan. Hopefully I will never get this behind with my house again, that’s the goal any way.

I’m posting my list here. You will all be my accountability and as I clean, organize, and simplify each of these areas I will update the list. One. By. One.

My List

  • Bookshelves
  • My dining room table and crafty/blogging area {which is really all the same but my dining room table is covered in it! How do we have our meals you ask? The couch. This may be the first thing I try to cross of this list}
  • Hang some art I have above my armoire in the bedroom.
  • Clean out and organize my bathrooms. I did this when I was pregnant but I need to do a 2nd sweep. Also I need to seriously work on my kids bathroom!
  • Wrap Emma’s birthday gifts so I can hide her Christmas gifts! Her birthday is in October and I actually have all her birthday gifts! I’m waiting on one to arrive next week in the mail and the wrapping will begin!
  • The Garage dun-dun-DUN
  • Clean out dressers and jewelry/makeup armoire. Donate old things? Save for yard sale? What do you think?
  • Decorate for Fall Or whatever season it is when I get to this item
  • Organize laundry room
  • Deep clean the kitchen
  • Deep clean the living room
  • De clutter our bar top
  • De clutter the toy area
  • Reorganize the playpen/diaper area
  • Emma’s room Oh the work to be done
    – deep clean
    - de clutter
    - organize
    - go through her toys, save for Liam or donate/yard sale.
  • Reorganize my closet Another touch up project. It’s become a little messy.

Review: MamaRoo by 4Moms

I’m really excited to share with you about a great review opportunity I’ve had. Recently I’ve had the chance to review the MamaRoo by 4moms. The MamaRoo is a new style of infant seat, but this is not just another infant seat! I’m really excited to be sharing this product with you!

Mama’s bounce and sway to soothe their precious little ones and 4moms wanted to develop a product that could move like we do. I love holding my baby but there are time where I need to be me, not just mama and it’s great to know there is a seat out there that will hold my baby and move they way I do.

The MamaRoo moves in 5 different motions, Car Ride, KangaRoo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye, and Ocean Wave. All these are meant to simulate a mama’s moves or soothing moves baby likes. My son LOVES Car Ride cause he loves riding in the car! You can watch this video on the MamaRoo’s 5 different motions!

MamaRoo is equipped with lots of features! Not only does the MamaRoo move like us but you can control the speed with 5 different settings. Baby can groove too! With 5 different nature sounds AND the option to connect any MP3 player, baby can can be rockin’ while you are cleaning [or any mama thing that requires you to be baby free!].

Plus there are three plus toy balls that hang above babies head. These toys are decorated in classic art; black and white on one side, full color on the other. They pop in and out easily and I have found they make great teether! My son loves to play with these plush toys in or out of the seat.

One of the great things, MamaRoo looks GREAT in my living room. Can you say that about your infant seat? It’s modern and sleek and doesn’t take up much room. I got a beautiful green and brown colored seat [did I mention the seat goes on and off with a zipper making it SUPER EASY to wash? Seriously! Super easy!] The MamaRoo comes in 6 different colors, red orange, green, pink, grey, and black.


A little note: The MamaRoo is meant for babies from birth to 25 pounds.

If you are looking for an infant seat like none other, MamaRoo is the way to go. We are in love with our MamaRoo [my husband even keeps showing it off to all our friends and neighbors and he is not really into baby stuff!] I really think you will fall in love with the MamaRoo just as much as we have.

For more information about the MamaRoo you can check out the MamaRoo facebook page, the 4Moms Twitter account [@4Moms] or you can even sign up as a 4moms Insider where you can even win your very own MamaRoo [and other cool 4Moms products].

About 4Moms

We may be a small company, but we have some big ideas. We’re dedicated to finding innovative solutions that make parenting tasks easier and more enjoyable for families all over the globe.

Our company is named after 4 real live moms (well, actually 5 moms, but 4moms makes a better name, so one mom adopted the nickname ‘The Stealth Mom’). Jenn, Cindy, Kristen, Elizabeth and Erin were 4moms’ original focus group, and ever since that first meeting, they’ve been contributing their insights and expertise to our products (between the five of them, they’ve got 15 kids, so they know their stuff!).

Disclosure: I was provided this review by Mom Spark Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.