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Golfnow Discount Tee Times at the Border between Supply and Demand

GolfNow discount tee times listed by the company are pretty much amazing bargains. There are times when this brand is freaking out many others from the golf industry. GolfNow.com, which is affiliated with Golf Channel from NBCUniversal, has lately become the big dog in the yard.

How GolfNow Discount Tee Times Work?

Some from the golf industry think that “price integrity” is a problem when golf is concerned. But price is usually dictated, just like in any other industry, by supply and demand. The real problem is that there aren`t sufficient people playing golf and the golf course building boom from the `1990s and the beginning of the `2000s provided a large capacity. Through these discount tee times, GolfNow tries to help golf players and golf courses connect so the unused capacity can be put to good use.

Imagine you are from Dallas and GolfNow would offer you the opportunity to book an 18-hole round at the Tanglewood Resort for a group of 4 Friday at 1.38 PM for just $10/person, when before and after that specific time tee times were being offered at $35/person. Wouldn`t you want to be one of the lucky ones booking a tee time at that particular time?

Using GolfNow`s services doesn`t guarantee you the best possible pricing on the market. However, if you are a senior in the golf field, you know you can always call your local golf course to see if they could match the pricing offered online by GolfNow.

One of the aspects of this company`s business that concern some of the critics in the golf industry are the so-called bartered discount tee times. Most golf courses have a regular arrangement with GolfNow.com which consists in the fact that they barter 1 or 2 discount tee times each day in return for a listing on the brand`s site. Golf Channel, using air promotion, sends thousands of new customers to GolfNow.com

How to Get Discount Tee Times from GolfNow?

This could be done with either one of 2 ways, both of them being at your disposal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Regular GolfNow.com Search – One way to find tee times from GolfNow at bargain prices is to visit the company`s site and check them out one by one. However, this is tedious work and in a lot of cases not really possible.

GolfNow Promo Codes – There are sites out there that deal specifically with GolfNow promotional codes that offer discount tee times. Some of the most popular ones are GolfNowYes.com, Tjoos.com or HotDeals.com. Use either one of these sites to get promo codes that offer you small discounts of $5 if you refer a friend or larger bargains of up to 80% off if proper code is used.

iTunes Apps – Another great way is to buy and download one of the applications GolfNow has released for iTunes. There`s a great app that you can use called “GolfNow – Golf GPS Tracker, Tee Times, Scorecard, Range Finder & Golf Course Deals.” You can search for discount tee times by 9 and 18 holes, and with the new 2.0.3 version of the app, you can receive an improved overall display of your tee times.

GolfNow Newsletter – If you subscribe to the company`s newsletter, your discount will automatically be applied at the checkout page. In addition, a newsletter subscription will give you the advantage of being the first one to receive future promotional emails that may include hot deals with free iPhones or Andriod apps, discount tee times, bargain golf courses, and many more.


If you are a golf lover, then you should really book GolfNow discount tee times at least once in your life to see the difference. There`s practically no better bargain out there that could match them.

Why Do You Want to Buy from NoMoreRack?

Have you heard about NoMoreRack (also known as NMR)? Anyone bought something from there? Well, online this site is still a subject to debate for most users, but I got to tell you – I`m pretty taken by all the positive reviews I`ve red online about this brand.

Is NoMoreRack Safe?

An important question that most people ask themselves about NoMoreRack is if the brand is safe enough to use. And this is mostly because of the unbelievable deals that this flash sales website is offering. Well, you shouldn`t worry about this too much because if you pay attention to the way this brand has developed in the last three years, its authenticity is already proven. And in these three years, millions of customers have used the coupon codes released by NoMoreRack purchasing products worth billions of dollars.

Unbelievable Prices from NoMoreRack

The “Up to 90% Off” Deals Are True

At first when I found out about NoMoreRack`s hot deals of up to 90% I thought “No way can this be true!” Well actually it is. The first category page I visited as you can imagine was the jewelry page. Under each item, there`s a small description about the product, its price as well as its retail price. Somewhere in the left, you can see a green button that automatically calculates how much the discount really is – the different between the retail price and NoMoreRack`s price. Most of the deals I noticed on rings (no matter their design) were between 80% and 90% off. Some of the rings went even until 92%. That`s simply unbelievable for me. I mean ask yourself this: “What`s NMR earning from this?” I`m pretty sure when they cut their losses, they still earn money; they couldn`t survive in this business if not.

A Large Selection of Deals on Electronics

What I like at this great flash sales website is not only the great amount of money that you can save on a specific deal, but also the fact that you have plenty of products from which to choose. And all these items are included in their deals. For example, when it comes to electronics, you have plenty where to choose – smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth items, optical lens, wireless adaptors, watches, mobile chargers, headphones or notebooks – you name it. The discounts are not as great some of the other categories, but it`s pretty logical if you are to think that electronic items generally are a lot more expensive. I`m very happy that if I decide to buy such a product for my husband`s birthday, I have enough products from which to choose.

Men Clothing – A Section Not Forgotten

I`m not usually the type of person to buy clothing as a gift for someone. I didn`t even consider this to be an option now, but I had to take a look just to see if I can rely on NoMoreRack for this category of products in the future. Good news! You actually can find here a lot of great deals on socks, shorts, t-shirts, boxers, shoes, and even suits. And what is even greater – some of the deals on men clothing (and women clothing as well) can go up to 75%. I`m not too sure if this is true, but where can you find better deals on women or men clothing than NMR? I don`t think there are too many other places, if there are any!


NMR also Offers Promo Codes

NoMoreRack has expanded its promotional deals to coupons and promo codes. There are third-party websites now that offer coupon codes released by NMR. For instance, the promo codes offered on Coupons.com can save you between 50% – 80% off on NoMoreRack`s Today`s Deal category or free shipping for your first purchase. Wanting.com offers promotional codes that can take you between $10 off and $50, jewelry discounts and $10 gift cards. Finally, Bradsdeals.com offers promo codes that allows you free shipping with e-mail sign-up or gives you $10 if you refer a friend to NoMoreRack (your friend gets $10 as well).

Overall Conclusion

It doesn`t matter if you`ve never used the services of NoMoreRack. Actually, it`s even better – you`ll be a first-time client and you`ll have benefits. Some of the promotional deals I`ve outlined above are best suited for first-time customers. And if you have bought products from NMR in the past, then you practically already know what great deals NoMoreRack offers.

It Was A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day. A big day… for me. A lot to process you could say.

Shall we dive right into it then?

First off…. Happy {Belated} Veteran’s Day!

Thank you to my hubby for choosing to protect not only me and our family, but all the families of this country. Thank you for answering the call to stand up and defend, to follow his heart {that so deeply believes in what he does}, and just being the amazing submariner that he is.

To every other service member, current and former, thank you so much for your service. You honor this country with your choice to serve, and I am so deeply grateful for all you do.

2nd… Yesterday was my 3rd blogging anniversary. {three years??? crazy!!!} I can hardly believe it’s been 3 years! I started to blog in the wee morning hours, not knowing where it would take me. First I`ve blogged for others, now I have my own blog. I’m so glad I took the plunge!

I think my goal this year is to just blog more consistently. More for me. More for the love of writing.

Also, thank you to every one who reads my blog! I love and adore and appreciate each and every one of you! {Would love to see you comment on this post. Just say Hi! I really want to get to know you more!}

Then most importantly….

It was my Daughter’s Birthday. She turned 7 years old yesterday.

I remembered my labor with Her. I remember pushing and the moments of Her birth.

I remember being stunned at the perfection of Her.

Her birthday is always bitter sweet for me but this year was more on the sweet side.

A good friend I chatted yesterday and she told me she didn’t know how I dealt with this all these years. I get that alot actually. So I told her…

It’s kind of something that gets tucked away in your back pocket

Always there, easy to pull out, sometimes harder to put away

Sometimes it’s something soft and comforting and other times like I might have just sat on a bunch of needles

It’s complicated to say the least.


I’m going to make a cake this weekend – to celebrate!

If you wouldn’t mind, if you feel it in your heart to do it, would you say a prayer for Her? And her Parents?

Would you send love, joy, and happy thoughts her way?

Clean, Organize, Simplify

When I was about halfway through my pregnancy with Liam an extra motherhood gene or something kicked in. The want and need to be organized. At the time I had chalked it up to nesting and went with it.

Now 7 months later I still have that want and need to be organized. Even more so I want to organize, simplify, and clean! [it’s grown!] I did start when I was pregnant but never was able to catch up on my to-do list. Now with a 4 month old and almost 3 year old I’ve been struggling. Really struggling. {Bless my husband and his patience!}

I’ve been personally grappling a bit as well and the idea of a clean, organized, simplified house seems cleansing for my Spirit.

So I’ve made a list. A list of all the areas in my house that need love, attention, or that just driving me up a wall! I’ll do the list one by one when I have time and help. Then after I’ve conquered each item I’ll assign that task to a specific day each week for clean up and touch ups. Things won’t change quickly, since I’ve been having a really hard time multi-tasking lately, but I feel good know I have a plan. Hopefully I will never get this behind with my house again, that’s the goal any way.

I’m posting my list here. You will all be my accountability and as I clean, organize, and simplify each of these areas I will update the list. One. By. One.

My List

  • Bookshelves
  • My dining room table and crafty/blogging area {which is really all the same but my dining room table is covered in it! How do we have our meals you ask? The couch. This may be the first thing I try to cross of this list}
  • Hang some art I have above my armoire in the bedroom.
  • Clean out and organize my bathrooms. I did this when I was pregnant but I need to do a 2nd sweep. Also I need to seriously work on my kids bathroom!
  • Wrap Emma’s birthday gifts so I can hide her Christmas gifts! Her birthday is in October and I actually have all her birthday gifts! I’m waiting on one to arrive next week in the mail and the wrapping will begin!
  • The Garage dun-dun-DUN
  • Clean out dressers and jewelry/makeup armoire. Donate old things? Save for yard sale? What do you think?
  • Decorate for Fall Or whatever season it is when I get to this item
  • Organize laundry room
  • Deep clean the kitchen
  • Deep clean the living room
  • De clutter our bar top
  • De clutter the toy area
  • Reorganize the playpen/diaper area
  • Emma’s room Oh the work to be done
    – deep clean
    - de clutter
    - organize
    - go through her toys, save for Liam or donate/yard sale.
  • Reorganize my closet Another touch up project. It’s become a little messy.